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-To avoid misunderstanding, before listening and vocalizing mantras, read these articles: The Function of the MantrasMantras: Why in Sanskrit?

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44771_1614045510209_145844_nMy first Mantra CD is ready! With 9 tracks:

1-Ashtanga Yoga Mantra (1:56), 2-Asatoma (27:42), 3- OM108 (52:38), 4-Gayatri108 (31:02), 5-Purnamadah (55:29), 6-Tryambakam (42:29), 7-Sarvesham (1:12), 8-Mangalam (1:00), 9- OMShanti (0:29).

It’s a useful tool to practice together, calm down the mind and be prepared for meditation. Price: U$9. To download in mp3, contact me at:

558572_3734080989771_693021301_nGuided Ashtanga Class (1st serie): Counting in sanskrit and english, this is an audio class with 1h35min (including guided relaxation). The download is avaible just in mp3. Price: U$9.

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